A Revolutionary and Smart Parking Space System

You may have come across platforms that will show you available parking spaces in Canada, but nothing like ParkEye. ParkEye is an intelligent, end-to-end, platform blending technology with real-time data to make parking painless.

ParkEye makes finding and reserving parking spaces faster and easier than it has ever been before. The days to circling a parking lot to find a free space are over. Additionally, with ParkEye’s fully automated payment system, slow and hard-to-find pay stations become a thing of the past.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm traveling and in a new city. Can ParkEye still help me find a parking space?

Yes! Regardless of where you are in Canada, ParkEye's intelligent mobile app will find parking spaces near you, instantly.

How can I get started with ParkEye?

It's easy, just download the free ParkEye mobile app onto your IOS or Android device, complete a one minute signup, and enjoy a pain-free parking experience!

customer testimonials

Client’s Review for Happy Customer?

Thomas H.

I had a hard time finding a parking space near my work almost everyday! ParkEye has changed the way I park, forever. I save time looking for spots and find parking spaces that are closer than anything I could have found by myself. Thanks ParkEye!

Kevin T.

As a regular travel, I frequently find myself having to navigate parking in different cities all across Canada. For me, ParkEye has been a life-saver! Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, ParkEye has saved me more time and energy than I could ever repay. I'm never going back to the old ways!