ParkEye platform

Core Benefits

Instant Payments

Payment in all ParkEye lots is automatic. All you need to do is park, we'll handle the rest.

Parking Availability.

Find parking spaces near you, wherever you are. ParkEye keeps track of all available parking spaces, Canada wide.

Spot Reservations

Seamlessly Reverse a parking spot near you using the ParkEye mobile app.

An Integrated Parking System

  • Reserve open parking spots for up to 2 hours

    Now, you can easily select and reserve a parking spot for up to 2 hours, anywhere within Canada

  • Use the free ParkEye mobile app for all your parking needs

    Enjoy all of the benefits of ParkEye in one place using the free ParkEye mobile app.

  • Pay for your parking space in real-time.

    Simply pull into a parking spot and ParkEye's intelligent system will automatically handle payment.

how to Help you

ParkEye helps you to

Save Time

The days of circling parking lots to find a spot are gone

Save energy

ParkEye takes the frustration out of parking by making it seamless

Find Available Parking Spaces

ParkEye will find available parking spaces near you, wherever you are in Canada

Why Choose Us?

Why ParkEye?

Hassle-free Parking

Get used to parking made easy

Real-time Parking Availability

End your parking search with ParkEye

No Waiting

Forget about waiting, take your time back

Instant Parking Reservation

Reserve a spot, in real-time, for up to 2 hours

Hands-free Payments

Never miss a payment or visit a pay station again

Technology-driven Solution

Access everything ParkEye has to offer, for free, through the easy-to-use ParkEye mobile app


Our Blog

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November 20, 2021

Why Canada Needs Parking Lot Management and Technology Solution?

parking a car has become a big challenge because everyday lots of people travel using their private vehicle and it becomes very difficult for parking space companies to keep track of parking space availability.

October 20, 2021

How can Technology Advancement Improve the Economical Growth of a Country?

No country can improve its economic growth unless technological advancement and people have easy access to it.